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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Five Things You Probably didn't know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

Yes, Samsung is at it again! We all know that Samsung can't just be quiet when it comes to smartphones. Samsung is well known for its Galaxy phones and we've witnessed a number of Galaxy phones launched in the past few years. The Galaxy S series are the most popular and Samsung has made a huge Success with the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and S7/S7 Edge but that's not all. Samsung recently launched its latest Galaxy phone: Galaxy S8/S8+.
I'm going to talk about the Galaxy S8 features briefly.

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Outstanding design

Beginning from the Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung has been experimenting with curved edge screen and the S8/S8+ also comes with a curved edge screen but this time the screen covers about 80% of the phone extending to the left and right edges and nearly touches the top and bottom edges. This is exciting as it makes the phone look like one with a giant screen

No Physical Home Button

Strange huh? Yes, this is unlike Samsung as we know its phones to be popular with a physical home button but the S8 comes with no physical home button. The home button is now a picture embedded at the bottom of the phone and it works perfectly.

Wait a minute we know the physical home button serves as a host for the fingerprint sensor so where will the S8 fingerprint sensor go? Well, the fingerprint sensor is now embedded at the back of the phone right next to the camera lens. The only disadvantage is that anytime you try to unlock your phone you get finger grease on the camera lens.

Smart Lock

Samsung also added the facial recognition and Iris scanning technology but this can only work perfectly under the right lighting condition. For example, if you're in a dark place or have a light facing the camera lens, you'll have a hard time unlocking your device.


Bixby is Samsung's smarter version of Google now or Siri. It's a completely new way to use your Galaxy S8 or S8+. You can use voice, text or touch to say what you need.

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The Bixby is integrated into every aspect of the phone and has a dedicated button on the left edge of the phone. With Bixby, you can tell your phone what to do like 'take a selfie', 'open last photo', etc. You can also take a snapshot of a product or a popular building and Bixby vision will tell you more about it. As at when the Galaxy S8 and S8+ were launched, the Bixby Vision is not yet activated and we hope to see it soon.

The Camera

The Camera is basically the same as the Galaxy S7 but it now comes with an interesting feature called Bixby vision which recognizes products, tells you more about it and where to buy them. Bixby vision recognizes popular buildings, gives you more information about them and translates text document into other languages

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