101 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

101 Keyboad shortcuts on Windows 10

Windows 10 was officially launched on 2015, and in the recent years, millions of users have been captivated by its impressive interface and others not willing to be left out are also upgrading to Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the first ever Windows software to receive ongoing feature updates. And as the upgrade keeps coming, there's a keyboard shortcut for virtually everything on Windows 10.

There are basically three kinds of Windows 10 users:

  • Those that spend hours trying to navigate through
  • Those that know their way around but have to go through each step to navigate through
  • The Pros that uses keyboard shortcuts to navigate through like a BOSS

In this article, you'll learn 101 different keyboard shortcuts that will help you navigate through your PC like a BOSS. Lets go...

Windows combinations
+ Restore app/Window to full screen
+ Remove/minimize app/Window
+ / Align app/Window to left or right side of screen
+ AAction center
+ COpoen Cortana
Note that for this shortcut to work, you first have to turn this feature on by going to Settings>>Cortana>>keyboard shortcuts and select Let Cortana listen for my commands when I press the Windows logo key + C
+ DDisplay/hide Desktop
+ EOpen Windows file Explorer
+ GOpen game bar
+ HShare screenshot of active window on social media/one note
+ ISettings
+ KConnect to a wireless device
+ LLock Windows
+ MMinimize all apps/windows
+ PProject
+ QSearch
+ SSearch
+ RRun a program, folder, document or internet
+ TNavigate through apps in taskbar
+ UEase of Access Center
+ XQuick link menu
+ homeMinimize all opened apps/Windows except active app/window
+ number(1-9)Open/switch to the app pinned on taskbar
+ prt scTake screenshots
+ tabOpen task view
+ ,(comma)Take a peek at the desktop
+ alt Combinations
+ alt + prt scTake screenshot in Game mode
+ alt + BStart/Pause broadcast in Game mode
+ alt + DOpen Date/Calendar
+ alt + GRecord that in Game mode
+ alt + MTurn microphone on/off in Game mode
+ alt + RStart/stop Recording in Game mode
+ alt + TShow Recording timer in Game mode
+ alt + WShow camera in broadcast in Game mode
+ ctrl Combinations
+ ctrl + / Switch between Virtual desktop
+ ctrl + CChange Windows color mode to grayscale
+ ctrl + DCreate virtual desktop
+ ctrl + FSearch for PCs when connected to a network
+ ctrl + MOpen Magnifier Settings
+ ctrl + enterOpen folder in new tab
+ ctrl + f4Close virtual desktop

+ shift Combinations
+ shift + Stretch app/Window to touch the top and bottom of screen
+ shift + Restore/minimize app/Window
+ shift + number(1-9)Open a new tab of the app pinned on taskbar
alt combinations
alt + Go backward (works in browser and Windows file Explorer)
alt + Go forward (works in browser and Windows file Explorer)
alt + Open parent folder of a folder
alt + FOpen menu/options
alt + PDisplay preview panel in Windows file Explorer
alt + VOpen view panel in Windows file Explorer
alt + homeGo to homepage of Browser
alt + enterEnter/exit full screen mode in Windows media player OR display properties of selected item
alt + escNavigate through apps in the order in which they were opened
alt + f4Close Window/active app
alt + spacebarShow shortcut menu for active window
alt + tabSwitch between open windows
alt + shift combinations
alt + shift + / / / Move tiles in Windows start menu
alt + shift + prt scTurn on High contrast
Note that only the alt and shift keys on the left hand side of the keyboard will work for this option
alt + shift + PShow Parent Folder in preview panel
ctrl combinations
ctrl + / / / Resize windows start menu
ctrl + Move cursor to previous paragraph when editing text
ctrl + Move cursor to next paragraph when editing text
ctrl + Move cursor to the begining of previous word when editing text
ctrl + Move cursor to the begining of next word when editing text
ctrl + AHighlight all text
ctrl + CCopy file, folder, highlighted text, etc
ctrl + DDelete selected item
ctrl + EQuick Google search on Chrome and Windows file Explorer
ctrl + FOpen command search in browser
ctrl + MEnter mark mode in command prompt window
ctrl + NOpen new Window
ctrl + RRefresh/reload webpage or active window
ctrl + TNew browser tab
ctrl + VPaste copied file
ctrl + WClose tab/window
ctrl + YRedo action
ctrl + ZUndo action
ctrl + endJump to bottom of page
ctrl + enterOpen each highlighted folders in a new tab
ctrl + escOpen windows start menu
ctrl + f4Close active tab in browser
ctrl + homeJump to top of page
ctrl + insCopy selected text.
Take note that for some PC, you have to add the fn key i.e ctrl + fn + ins
ctrl + tabNavigate forward through tabs
ctrl + alt combination
ctrl + alt + tabshow all open apps/windows
ctrl + arrow keys combination
ctrl + / / /
+ spacebar
Navigate through and select/highlight items in Desktop or Windows file Explorer
ctrl + shift combinations
ctrl + shift + / Select a block of text
ctrl + shift + EDisplay all folders in the selected folder
ctrl + shift + IOpen developer tools in Browser
ctrl + shift + NCreate a new folder
ctrl + shift + TRestore previous browser tab(s) (tested on chrome browser)
ctrl + shift + escOpen task manager
ctrl + shift + tabNavigate backwards through tabs
num lock combinations
num lock + +(plus)Expand all contents of the selected folder in Windows file Explorer
num lock + -(minus)Collapse all contents of the selected folder in Windows file Explorer
num lock + *Display all subfolders of the selected folder in Windows file Explorer
shift combinations
shift + Highlight text backwards
shift + Highlight text forward
shift + / Highlight a whole line of text upwards or downwards
shift + deleteDelete an item permanently without taking it to recycle bin
shift + f10Show/hide shortcut menu for selected item
shift + insPaste copied text.
Take note that for some PC, you have to add the fn key i.e shift + fn + ins
shift + tabNavigate through options

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