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Hi, my name is Kadiri Jude Jhay. In 2016, I decided to start JhayTech out of the love I have for Tech. I get excited mostly about Smartphones & PCs and not being a selfish dude and also to do what I love, I sought for a way to share my knowledge with others by starting JhayTech.

I also love to code (in other words, I design websites) and most of the things you see on JhayTech was designed by me. You can contact me if you need something like that on your blog


JhayTech is a platform where anyone can:
  • Get answers to questions regarding Smartphones and PCs
  • Learn how to fix certain problems with your phone and computer
  • Get updates on phone reviews, prices and where to buy
  • Learn some blogging tips
  • ...and lots more


You can contact me through the following medium:



JhayTech contains affiliate links and a commission is paid to me for every purchase made by anyone through such links. This affiliate links points to trusted websites like Konga.com

Take note that JhayTech is not a shopping website and will never ask for your card 💳 details. Pls do not enter your card details on this website (jhaytech.com) as I will NOT be responsible for any fraud related issue.
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